For your safety and ours, follow all instructions while at our facilityIMG_8623

Wastewater loads

After the prequalification process is complete and approval had been issued the wastewater can now be transported to Southwest Processors.
You will need to bring with the load a non-hazardous waste manifest completed with the generators information, waster description & transporters information.

Pull into the east driveway marked receiving and stops on the scale. Walk into the building and give your manifest to the scale operator. The trucks heavy (gross) weight is recorded and a sample of the wastewater is obtained by our scale operator, then the driver will be instructed where to unload.
After unloading, pull your truck back on the scale to get the light (tare) weight.
Our scale operator returns the signed off non-hazardous manifest along with a weight ticket to the driver.
The weight ticket will have the net weight in tons, solids % and price per ton.

Destruction loadsĀ 
Please call ahead for an appointment. Arrive on your scheduled appointment time.IMG_8347
Bring any documents that will describe the products being destroyed such as a bill of lading or a copy of the US customs 3499 form.

Enter the east driveway marked receiving and pull onto the scale. Exit your vehicle and go into the building to give our scale operator any documents you may have.
Your vehicles heavy (gross) weight is recorded, and then you will be instructed where to park in order to unload the products.
After the products are unloaded, return back to the scale where the light (tare) weight is recorded. Our scale operator notes the net weight and fees on the weight ticket.
The scale operator may give you additional instructions at this time.