water purification systemsPrequalification Questionnaire and Sample

  1. Prior to accepting a waste stream for treatment, Southwest Processors Inc. must obtain information from the generator which will enable Southwest Processors, Inc. to determine if the waster is suitable for treatment. The prequalification questionnaire form will give information on the waste generator, the process generating the waste, and physical and chemical characteristics of the waste. We have personnel to assist or answer any questions regarding this form.
  2. A representative sample of the wastewater being considered for disposal is required to evaluate treatability. An approximate 16oz sample is sufficient for testing. After evaluating the sample we can determine if the waste is compatible with our facility, or if further lab analysis is required.

Southwest Processors, Inc. is a permitted Centralized Waster Treatment facility and strictly follows all regulations established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, State of California and the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles. The Country Sanitation Districts inspectors have full access, at all times, to monitor our facility. We take our responsibility seriously to ensure your waster is being treated in the most careful and accountable manner.