Accepted Wastewater Approved for Treatment at Southwest Processors, Inc.

Food Processing Waste

  • Produce Washing
  • Fish, Meat and Poultry WashingIMG_8470
  • Grain
  • Brewery and Distillery
  • Soft Drink Processing
  • Grease Trap/Interceptor

Vehicle Wash Wastewater

  • Carwash Wastewater
  • Heavy Truck and Equipment Wash

Hotel and Prison Laundry Wastewater

Swimming Pool Wastewater

Process Wastewater

  • Drinking water softener processing wastewater
  • Pipeline flush wastewater
  • Boiler blowdown
  • Hydrostatic test water
  • Construction cleanup wastewater
  • Cooling water from injection molds
  • Domestic trash hauling, tipping floor cleanup wastewater
  • Wastewater used in cutting/polishing of marble and stone
  • Wastewater from corrugation operations (some testing may be required)
  • Wastewater from fiberglass production

Contaminated groundwater clean-up from non-hazardous sources (Groundwater from Superfund sites may not be accepted)
Additional types of waste can be considered for treatment at Southwest Processors. Our screening process occasionally requires additional lab analysis to determine if the waste stream is acceptable and treatable at our facility. These precautions protect you and ensure compliance with both state and federal regulatory agencies.