Southwest Processors product destruction service focuses on destroying foods, beverages and various other items. There are numerous reasons why a product is no longer consumable of marketable. Often these items are off-spec, expired, contaminated, or even a trademark infringement occurred. Products can be imported as well as domestic. We make it our highest priority and take every precaution to completely destroy these products in order to keep them off the market while protecting the public as well as manufacturers.

Sometimes product destructions need to be witnessed by your company representative or supervised by a government agency such as FDA, U.S. Customs of USDA. For over 20 yearsSouthwest Processors has been accommodating these types of witnessed destructions. We provide portable viewing booths, equipped with desk tops, heating and air conditioning, just for this reason. Additional services offered are digital video and/or digital photos of the destruction, as well as a certificate of destruction, on request. We will be glad to schedule an appointment for a supervised destruction. Simply let us know your specific needs when scheduling an appointment and we will be glad to accommodate you.

When the product is delivered and accounted for, we begin the destruction process. If the destruction is not completed within the day, the products are locked in our warehouse, and then the destruction resumes the next day. Our site is monitored 24 hours a day by closed circuit cameras.

Please call ahead to schedule appointments, and get our current rates. We are always glad to answer any questions and make this service as easy as possible.